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WE PROUDLY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! (The site will automatically charge $50 for Express International shipping. If you are in need of small parts and are not in a hurry, please contact us for alternate methods of international shipping.) 

1. What is covered by the warranty?

2. Where can I buy TEKTRO Brakes?

3. What about sponsorship?

4. Are my (road/'cross, mountain, time trial/triathlon, BMX) brakes compatible with my shifters?

5. What brake pads can I use for my road/'cross/mountain or DASH disc brakes and where can I get them?

6. Where can I get replacement parts?

7. Are the toe-in adjustable brake pads and barrell adjusters on the new EuroX Mags backwards compatible with my old EuroX brakes?

8. Why is there an extra bolt on the back of my EuroX straddle carrier?

9. I lost the little O-Ring that came on the barrel adjuster of my R970SL/R960 brakes. What should I do?


1.  Answer: We offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship from the date of original retail purchase. Not covered under this warranty is damage resulting from improper installation, adjustment or maintenance, lack of maintenance, alterations, crashes, or use judged by TEKTRO to be excessive or abusive.

2. Answer: TEKTRO has a dealer network of over 200 shops in the U.S. (and many more around the world), but you can always order TEKTRO prodcuts through your local bike shop via Quality Bicycle Parts, Seattle Bike Supply, Six Layer Imports, or Holly Bike Supply. Check out our Support Page to learn more. You can also buy most TEKTRO products directly from us here online.

3. Answer: We are very lucky because we get to sponsor a wide variety of teams and individuals. From Pro Tour road teams to neighborhood clubs, we are always looking for those unique and meaningful connections. Is your story compelling? Tell us and we'll see if there is a match. Typically road, mountain and triathlon sponsorship requests are considered between July 1st and October 1st each year, with decisions made in November. Cyclocross proposals shoudl be submitted by June 1st for consideration. Sponsorship is most often through our 'pro-deal' purchase option for club members, but a select few will receive free product from us. 

4a. Answer - Road/Cyclocross: Our road and cyclo-cross brakes are fully compatible with all SRAM, Campagnolo, and Shimano groups up to the 7800 series. We will have a Shimano 7900 series specific brake ready for July delivery

4b Answer - Time Trial/Triathlon: time trial and triathlon applications often use specific combinations. You can reference our compatability chart for your specific application. If you don't see your bike listed, give us a call at 1-877-807-4162

4c Answer - Mountain Bike: TEKTRO V-brakes are fully compatible with SRAM and Shimano levers. Our DASH and DASH Carbon/Magnesium brakes are NOT compatible with Shimano's "Center Lock" brake system.

5a. Answer - Road, Mountain V, Cross: All of our road, mountain bike V-brake and cyclocross brakes are compatible with Shimano pads. While you can use any pad out there we recommend, and spec, SwissStop pads for optimal braking peformance.

5b.Answer - Disc Brakes: We use a proprietary semi-metallic disc brake compound in our DASH line of brakes. You can purchase replacement pads directly from us HERE.

6. Answer: Most repalcement and small parts are available thru the website. Check out the specific brake model and/or the small parts page. If you don't see what you need, give us a call at 1-877-807-4162 and we'll help you out.

7. Answer: Yes, In-place adjust and barrell adjusters are available as aftermarket kits. They are sold separately and are available HERE

8. Answer - The extra bolt, located on the R side when looking at the brake, is there as a tie down for the brake cable as it passes through the straddle carrier. This keeps the brake cable from touching the tire or interfering in any way. If you don't want to use it, simply take it off.