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Olympic Look Back

Welcome to the TRP Update!

First...Props to Kristen Armstrong  of TRP Supported Exergy 2012 on her GOLD medal ride at the Olympics


Ok, onto other news....we're back from the depths of summer - fit, tan and ready for CROSS! Yep, we’ve basically spent our summer riding! Oh, well there was the small project of…


It is true..we’ve moved our corporate offices to Ogden Utah as of July 5th and we’ll be providing the same great level of service you’ve come to expect…just a bit closer to the Eastern Time Zone.

Here is the 411:


TRP Brakes

Tektro USA

688 West Amidan St.

Bldg 4X Bay 1

Ogden, UT 84404

PH 800: 877.807.4162

PH: 801-648-7079

FX: 801-648-7086



Circling back to the bike, let’s spend a few minutes looking at the cutting edge…

1. Olympics and Tour De France: You’d expect us to lead with some of the coolest from England and France, and we’re not apt to disappoint. Here are a few choice shots…

Kristen Armstrong won, but you knew that...and since Wiggins was riding a propreitary frame with what looks to be standard issue road brakes, however, at the Tour Bradley Wiggins rocked some sweet TRP's on his Pinarello Graal TT bike

First there was blue...


and that switched to Yellow!

Of course Pierre Rollin was rollin(g) a bit more on the edge, if a little slower, with his TTV's on the Colnago!

 And we couldn't overlook the Saur Sojasun on their Look TT's with the classic 970SL's in black

2.  This One Time At Dealer Camp...

We debuted our 4-piston disc brake…



3. Thru Axels For Road! I was speaking to my fellow TRP employees a few months back – about the time the HyWire came out – and was lamenting that we couldn’t  get a thru-axel for road yet.  I must be prescient because another Ogden based company, Whiskey Products, has launched two different thru-axel forks for both road and cross. Whiskey is an off-shoot of industry heavy QBP and looks to be pretty solid from the pics we've seen:



4. HyWire Rocks

In case you’ve forgotten (must be the heat!) here is a look at the HyWire from Sea Otter:

Bike Radar checks in with a nice review as well: