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CX9 - Cyclocross Opinionator and Superstar Molly Cameron has been kicking

 Cyclocross Opinionator and Superstar Molly Cameron has been kicking around on our NEW CX-9 mini-V Brakes for cyclocross and had some flattering words to share:

  • No chatter at all, but I can lock up and skid the front wheel with weight on the front end! Almost like having discs on a VTT.
  • a friend theorizes that CX fork chatter is entirely from canti cable and straddle, and that V brakes eliminate that. I don't know if I entirely agree but the mini-Vees stop really well with zero chatter.
  • So much stopping power! That is nice as you don't have to mash on the levers at all to slow down, and there is good modulation. Not just the ON/OFF feeling you would expect. I'll have to see how these fare in a race situation, there may be such a thing as too much stopping power.

and perhaps the best part...

  • I'm already getting a lot of grief from CX nerds about running a "non-euro" setup.
  • I think I am convinced about running them all cx season but, I'll know more after some real race use and the chance to run them in some real mud.