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Bike Radar Reviews TRP Dash Carbon

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Bike Radar Verdict:

4 out of 5 stars

"Usefully adjustable, controllable, impressively reliable and outstandingly light for the money"



Thu 14 Oct 2010, 4:00 pm UTCBy Guy Kesteven, Mountain Biking UK 

TRP is the boutique division of mass market stalwarts Tektro. Their new full-feature Dash Carbon brakes are properly competitive compared with the top brands.  The forged one-piece calliper with heat resistant composite piston and sintered pads as standard ticks all the top brake boxes. The angle of externally mounted hose is adjustable and the brakes take standard Shimano shaped pads too, so finding spares should be easy. They come fully bled and the hinged lever clamp makes fitting them to your bars easy. The low-profile master cylinder fits snugly against Shimano or SRAM shifters too. The broad 3k weave carbon lever blade looks techy and gets a pronounced hook for secure finger placement. The blade can be adjusted for reach and there’s a power adjusting dial on them too. This simply moves the piston driving rod slightly towards or away from the lever axis to increase or decrease leverage and therefore brake power. It also changes feel from the soft and squeezy maximum stop position to a firmer and still more than adequate anchoring performance. The complete180mm kit (with skeletal 95g rotor) is only 383g too, which is significantly lighter than anything that’s comparable in terms of price and power. We’ve had no noise, overheating, leaking, lever wobble or excessive pad-wear problems with them.

Dash Caliper Image