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TRP World Update - May 10, 2011

Giro D'Italia

We were saddened, like the rest of the cycling World, at the passing of Wouter Wylandt during the third stage of the Giro. Universally liked and highly praised in the hours after his passing, Wouter will always stand as a shining example of what "Pro" really means! Our sincere sympathies to his family, friends and teammates during this difficult time. I found this shot of Wouter yesterday and I think it well sums up his approach to life!

In other race related news The Giro D'Italia fired off a series of innovative technical debuts including the first production version of the TRP TTV! Close followers of TRP will certainly recall the debut of the TTV at last years Taipei, Eurobike and Interbike shows where it garnered a ton of press and lots of cold calls from the World's top product managers. Now the brake is on a full production bike at the Giro! 

The Wilier Twin Foil, piloted by the Lampre Team,  was photographed by Caley Fetz of Velonews at the prologue TTT and we expect to see a front fork version debut at the Tour de France. Here's a look:

That's Smooth!

That's Functional Stopping Power!

Speed Week!

Every year there is a blowout criterium series that shakes down the Southern United States. Starting with the Athens Twilight, this 7 race series offers up huge prize lists, tight and fun courses, and a slew of twilight racing for the pro's in attendance. This year's edition was no different and TRP was well represented by our friends at Team Mountain Khaki's and Team Exergy. Carlos Alzate and Eric Barlevev showed tremendous consistency during the week netting numerous top 5's and a 3rd Place Overall for Carlos, and 16th overall for Eric. Mountain Khaki's put Jake's brother Luke Keough into 10th overall, while teammate Thomas Brown  finished 15th for the series. If you're keeping track that's 25% of the top 16 on TRP's! Exergy and Mountain Khaki's also shone in the team overall by placing 2nd and 3rd for the week! Great job guys!

Cycling is, by nature, a close knit group and we are equally proud of the Speed Week riders who ride TRP when they are tearing up the cyclocross circuit - this year that includes Overall Series Winners Jake Keough and Laura Van Gilder, as well as Liza Rachetto pulling down 10th overall.


More as we come by it...